One-Stop Center supports foreign-affiliated firms advancing to Shizuoka Prefecture to build plants or business bases.

Investment Guide

Q. Types of resident status

A. There are 27 types of resident status, in case of business status is below

Status Possible activities example valid period
Business manager Activities to manage trades and other business in Japan or get engaged in administration of the relevant business

<Required condition>

・Suitable business size, duties
・Duty is clarified
・Proper fee is payed

Representative or manager 5,3,1 year
Or 4,3 months

Specialist in humanities/

International services

Activities require technics or knowledges in the natural science like science and engineering and in the human science like study of law, economy and sociology etc. depend on the contract with Japanese organization. Or activities need thought or sensitivity based on foreign culture.

<Required condition>

・Graduate university the faculty related to the business activities and experienced 10 or longer years
・In case based on foreign culture experienced 3 or longer years business activities

Mechanical engineer, interpreter, designer technician

Teacher of foreign language

Engaged person in marketing

5,3,1 Year
Or 3month
Intra-company transfer Activities related to engineering, humanities service or international service by transferred person from foreign base in japan

<Required condition>

・Continuously engaged in the activities at foreign place for one year or longer before transfer
・salary is equal or more to Japanese

Transfer from foreign country 5,3,1 Year Or 3 month
Legal/accounting services


Activities in legal or accounting allowed for foreign lawyers, accountants, or specialists licensed in those area Lawyer, accountant etc. 5,3,1 Year Or 3 month
Skilled labor Activities need skilled technics in special industry depend on the contract with Japanese public or private organization Cook of foreign sports trainer etc. 5,3,1 Year Or 3 month

*any other types

Diplomacy, Official, Art, Media, Activities of culture etc.
(please refer to the website of immigrant office。

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