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Investment Guide

Q. How to establish Godo gaisha, procedures to register and report

A. Procedures to establish Godo gaisha are little bit different to other cases.

  • It is complicated compare to representative office and branch office.(it needs to make the articles of incorporation and form the member of board of directors issued by law).
  • It is easier than kabushiki gaisha(limited company)(do not need certification of the legal office and collection of stock investors)

Get the certification of investors

Certification of investors and the oath of deposition and the certification of company’s seal

Make the articles of incorporation

Decide the fundamental issues below but do not need certification by the legal agency

trade mark, address of head office, purpose of business, fiscal year, amount of capital, investors and amount of investment of each investment, representative

・executive officer(*1)etc.

(*1) it does not need the board of the members of directors and inspector etc.

Payment for investment

Pay to the bank account

Apply the company and company seal to the legal office

Apply by representative and documents required are certification of fulfillment of payment, certification of the company seal, consent of assumption of representative.

Any other procedures to start up

After registration open the bank account of company apply to the tax office and labor standards office

*It takes approximately one month after making the articles of incorporation.
*It is better depend on specialists.

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