One-Stop Center supports foreign-affiliated firms advancing to Shizuoka Prefecture to build plants or business bases.

Investment Guide

Q. Famous corporations invested in Shizuoka pref.

A. Large factories are located in Shizuoka pref. below.


Employ 1,000 or more, land scale is 10ha or wider

Company name industry Year


ASMO Co., Ltd. Main factory Transportation machine 1979
JIYATOCO Ltd. Head quarter   1999
SUZUKI Motor Corporation Iwata factory   1967
 Sagara factory   1993
Head quarter   1939
Kosai factory   1970
Toyota Motor Higashinihon Corporation east Fuji Factory   1967
Honda Motor Co., Ltd. Hamamatsu factory   1954
矢崎部品㈱ 榛原工場   1967
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.   1966
Koito Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Electric machine 1936
Toshiba Carrier Co., Ltd. Fuji factory   1943
Hitachi Appliances, Inc. Shimizu factory   1943
Prime earth EV Energy Co., Ltd. Head quarter   2007
Fujitsu Co., Ltd. Numazu factory   1976
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Shizuoka factory   1954
Meidensha Corporation  Numazu factory   1961
Asahi corporation Fuji branch Chemical 1959
Fuji film corporation Fujinomiya factory   1963
Ricoh  company ltd. Numazu factory   1960
NTN corporation Iwata factory Multipurpose machine 1960
Toshiba machine co., ltd. Numazu head quarter   1942
Yamaha Corporation Toyooka factory Other manufacturing 1970
Yamaha Corporation   1922
Mitsubishi Aluminum Co., Ltd. Fuji factory   1962
Canon Inc. Fuji Susono research park Development 1996
Toyota Motor Corporation Higashi fuji research factory   1966
Yazaki Corporation Y-CITY world head quarters   1998

*2014 Shizuoka prefectural government

Foreign corporation

Weight of capital by foreign is 30% or more, land is 3ha or larger

name industry Investment year
Sensate technologies japan ltd. Electric machine 1979
NSK Warner K.K.   1989
Clariant Japan K.K. Chemistry 1967
Du Pont-Mitsui Fluorochemicals Co., ltd.   1965
Chevron Japan Ltd.   1989
International Flavors & Fragrances Japan Ltd. Food 1977
Nestle Japan Ltd. Drink 1972
Jansen Pharmaceutical K.K. Medicine 1993
Nippon Covidien Ltd. Medical equipment 1974
Corning japan K.K. Ceramic industry 1989
Triumph International Japan, Ltd. Clothing 1995
Gotemba Tetra Pak L.L.C. Paper ・pulp 1971
Oerlikon Nihon Balzers Coating Co., Ltd. Other manufacturing 2004

*2014 Shizuoka prefectural government

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foreign-affiliated companies

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