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Q. Procedures for employment

A. It is needs to report the labor standards office, the public employment security office and the pension office etc.

It is possible to rely on a social insurance labor consultant who is specialized in calculate salary, procedures of labor and social insurance and pension

receiver report content
The labor standards office Work rules(law of labor standards) In case employ over 10 employee, make work rules include(time of start and close, holiday, leave, decision of salary, hoe to pay, allowance, bonus, retirement etc.)and report
Agreement of overtime work, holiday work(law of labor standards) Make and report the agreement of general overtime work and holiday work.
the start of insurances (law of labor premium collection) In case start the place employ, report within 10 days.
The public employment office Establish the place adopted employment insurance(law of employment insurance) When establishing business place, report the kind of business, the number of applied employees and purpose of establishing place etc. within 10 days for applied the employment insurance.
Entitled as employee adopted   employment insurance (law of employment insurance) Report the fact employee applied for employment insurance until the 10th of next moth
The pension office Place adopted for Health insurance and  corporate employee pension plan (law of health insurance and law of cooperate employee pension plan) When establishing place for business the name of place, address, kind of business etc. within 5 days to the pension office. And start  employment, report application of employment insurance within 5 days to pension office.
The tax office Start of place paying wage for employee(law of income tax) Report the payment of wage.


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