One-Stop Center supports foreign-affiliated firms advancing to Shizuoka Prefecture to build plants or business bases.


  • 2016/09/13 Seminar ”INFLUENCE on Japanese conmapany by Brexit”
  • 2016/06/22 Exhibition for Business Matching in Bangkok
  • 2016/05/11 EURO Business seminar (North Ireland)
  • 2016/04/06 6 April, 2016 Bussiness Matching between Shizuoka and Taiwan companies (Electronics and Erectric Business)
  • 2016/03/29 Seminar “Training and Using Foreign skilful peroson”
  • 2016/03/25 Seminar “Dilemma of Changing China :looking for New Relationship between Japan and China”
  • 2018/04/04 The number of factory attraction to Shizuoka Pref. is the top in Japan (2017servey by MITI) =Inland area is very attractive.
  • 2017/12/08 Exchange meeting at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture =Foreign students and Japanese students with companies
  • 2017/12/08 Japanese government is considering New resident status in Japan “Preparing for Foundation”
  • 2017/09/22 26th Oct, 2017 Shizuoka Inevestment Seminar in Tokyoダウンロード
  • 2017/09/12 25th Nov. Recruit meeting (Global students and Companies) will be held. please check the information afterwards

foreign-affiliated companies

One-Stop Center.

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44-1 Ohtemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 420-0853 Japan.



* Under entrustment from the Shizuoka prefectural government, the Center is operated by the Shizuoka International Business Association (SIBA).

* The cost for the operation of the Center is born by the prefectural government. Anyone can use the Center free of charge.