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Q. The situation of employment and workforce in Shizuoka pref.

A. The situation of working population and high class work resources.

Working population

(thousand ,%)

Working Population Total unemployment rate
employed Unemployment
Shizuoka 2,034 1,984 50 2.5%
Japan 66,606 64,621 1,990 3.1%

*the ministry of internal affairs  research labor force(2016)

 Educational institution(University, College, technical college)

type number name
National University, graduate school 3 Shizuoka, graduate university for advanced studies、Hamamatsu medical
College, technical college 1 Numazu technical college
Public University, graduate school 2 Shizuoka prefectural,

shizuoka culture and art

College, technical college 1 Shizuoka prefectural
private University, graduate school 13 Shizuoka Eiwa gakuin, Shizuoka industry
Shizuoka welfare, shizuoka science and engineering,
Juntendo(health and sanitation)
Seirei Cristpher, Tokai(sea),
Tokyo women’s medical, Tokoha,
Nihon(international relation),
Hamamatsu Gakuin,
The graduate school for the creation
of newphotonics industries, Hosei
College, technical college 5 Shizuoka Eiwa Gakuin,
Tokai, Tokoha
Nihon, Hamamatsu Gakuin


Rank japan shizuoka
1 China 107,260(40.2%) China 401(46.4%)
2 Vietnam 61,671(23.1%) Vietnam 111(12.8%)
3 Nepal 21,500( 8.1%) Korea 65( 7.5%)
4 Korea 15,740( 5.9%) Indonesia 64( 7.4%)
5 Taiwan 8,947( 3.4%) Myanmar 24( 2.8%)
total 267,042( - ) 864( - )

*JSSO(2016), Shizuoka prefecture, Shizuoka foreign students interaction conference(2016)

Q. Environment of business in Shizuoka prefecture

A. Shizuoka is the best place for manufacturer by high level infrastructure, accumulated manufacturing industry, full assistance.

High level infrastructure

  • From the old time the shizuoka is called as the strategic point in japan archipelago、transport infrastructure for example Tomei express way, new Tomei express way, Fujisan airport etc. makes possible to access domestic and foreign countries.
  • Fujisan Shizuoka airport has many lanes through Shanghai Pudong (China)and Inchoen (Korea).

Full transportation infrastructure

  • Shizuoka prefecture has made effort for over 40 years to protect earthquake disaster to live and doing business in safety, well known “advanced prefecture against earthquake.
  • The ratio of earthquake-resistant of public school building is 99.5%, and the ratio of supplies of city and town is 95.9%, etc. Shizuoka prefectural government is promoting measures to protect the life by making strong environment.

accumulation of manufacturing industry

  • The Amount of shipping products of Shizuoka Pref. is ranked no.4 in Japan.

Mainly related transportation machine manufacturers are accumulating over one thousand.

Rank of shizuoka in japan(employee number =over 4 )

rank Number of place employee Amount of products

(billion yen)

Osak 18,229 Aichi 789,092 Aichi 42,002
Aichi 17,187 Osaka 450,409 Kanagawa 17,226
Tokyo 12,780 Shizuoka 388,877 Osaka 16,025
Saitama 11,868 Saitama 378,408 Shizuoka 15,699
Shizuoka 10,037 Kanagawa 355,292 Hyogo 140,269

*The ministry of economy ,trade and industry: industry statistics(2013)

  • There are many world brand corporation in Shizuoka like Suzuki motor vehicle, Yamaha musical instruments etc.

Global brand corporation

  • There are 3158 companies invested in japan. The base of 739 companies are located in except for Tokyo and the number of bases of manufacturing located in shizuoka is No.1 in Japan.

The number of base

Rank Headquarters Manufacturing Development Logistics
1 Kanagawa 220 Shizuoka 33 Kanagawa 14 Osaka,


2 Osaka 100 Kanagawa 29 Ibaragi  8
3 Hyogo  68 Ibaragi 20 Hyogo  7 Chiba 12
4 Chiba  38 Chiba 19 Shizuoka,


 6 Aichi 10
5 Saitama  33 Aichi 18 Shizuoka,



*『Data bank of foreign company in Japan2014』

Full assistance

  • We have many kinds of support “subsidy for establish factory or development facility” “finance for advancing into new industry”「” medical, food, assist for the industry related to light and electronics”
  • Especially for foreign companies, one stop center for foreign companies supports to find land and to do any other procedures.

Q. Life environment of Shizuoka

A. You can enjoy abundant nature in the foot of Mt. Fuji and mild climate.

“FUJI no kuni”Shizuoka

You can enjoy four distinct seasons with Japanese no.1 Mt Fuji

:Shizuoka Tourism Organization

Mild climate

PREF. Difference hot and cold(℃)① Hours of daylight
Days of snowfall
Tokyo 23.3 2,086 11
Shizuoka 21.4 2,260 3
Aichi 24.0 2,257 15
Kyoto 24.4 1,839 38
Osaka 23.5 2,173 18
24.3 1,709

①② average 2012~2014(meteological agency)
③ 2014(the ministry of internal affairs)
④ average 1981~2010(from wikipedia)

 Life environment in compact and balanced

(Thousand yen,minute)

Prefecture Individual income Transportation hours Working hours Sleeping hours
Tokyo 4,820 97 560 415
Shizuoka 3,389 60 563 430
Aichi 3,509 75 591 421
Kyoto 2,976 82 569 423
Osaka 3,083 91 566 429
Japan 3,069 78 571 427

*the cabinet office economy and social research institute(2010=2006 data)

Low cost for life

prefecture Average land price (yen/㎡)
For house For commercial business For manufacturing
Tokyo 332,000 1,699,300 249,600
Shizuoka 66,300 139,500 47,600
Aichi 99,000 352,000 56,200
Kyoto 102,900 374,500 64,500
Osaka 147,800 690,600 106,700

*the ministry of land and transportation
Research of prefectural land price(2016)

Q. Outline of Shizuoka prefecture

A. Shizuoka pref. is located in the central of Japan, abundantly blessed with nature in the foot of Mt. Fuji, mild climate, having highly advanced industry and infrastructure.

Land、population, individual income of Shizuoka pref.

ITEM shizuoka Ranking japan Remarks
LAND 7,779㎢ 13 377,972㎢ 2014
POPULATION 3,698thousand 10 125,431 2014
Register of foreign people 75,115 8 2,121,831 2014
income of individual 3,326thousand yen 3 3,065 thousand  yen 2013
GDP 15,485billion 10 500,870billion 2012


Q. Procedures for employment

A. It is needs to report the labor standards office, the public employment security office and the pension office etc.

It is possible to rely on a social insurance labor consultant who is specialized in calculate salary, procedures of labor and social insurance and pension

receiver report content
The labor standards office Work rules(law of labor standards) In case employ over 10 employee, make work rules include(time of start and close, holiday, leave, decision of salary, hoe to pay, allowance, bonus, retirement etc.)and report
Agreement of overtime work, holiday work(law of labor standards) Make and report the agreement of general overtime work and holiday work.
the start of insurances (law of labor premium collection) In case start the place employ, report within 10 days.
The public employment office Establish the place adopted employment insurance(law of employment insurance) When establishing business place, report the kind of business, the number of applied employees and purpose of establishing place etc. within 10 days for applied the employment insurance.
Entitled as employee adopted   employment insurance (law of employment insurance) Report the fact employee applied for employment insurance until the 10th of next moth
The pension office Place adopted for Health insurance and  corporate employee pension plan (law of health insurance and law of cooperate employee pension plan) When establishing place for business the name of place, address, kind of business etc. within 5 days to the pension office. And start  employment, report application of employment insurance within 5 days to pension office.
The tax office Start of place paying wage for employee(law of income tax) Report the payment of wage.


Q. Social insurance of employment

A. It needs for employment ”employment insurance” ”industrial accident insurance” ”health insurance” “the corporate employee pension plan insurance” and the premium has to be paid by both company and employee, and only by company. General premium of shizuoka prefecture is below.(2016)

Kind Outline coverage Premium rate

(year wage1×%)

employer employee
Employment insurance For the unemployed, children left, senior In case the work time is over 20hours /week 0.7% 0.4%
Industrial accident insurance For injury and sick occurred by working  and transportation All business place employing 0.45%
Health ・caring insurance For other case above and childbirth All employee, part time worker 4.945%




Corporate employee pension plan insurance For aging, disability, death  〃 9.091% 9.091%
Contribution for Allowance for children Contribution for Allowance for children

(not paid for employee)

total 15.386%




(*1) (*2)(*3) add 1.58% premium for caring insurance to employee age over 40


Q. Japanese wage standard

A.・Salary (before reduction of tax and social insurance premium)

  • Basic salary, allowance based on responsibility, transportation etc.(not include bonus and allowance for overtime work)
  • Annual wage is approximately (basic salary ×(12+6(bonus))(bonus :the Japan business federation 2016)

Wage rebel according to prefecture and industry            (thousand yen)

Rank Prefecture age Length of employment Total manufacture Wholesaling/retailing service
Total 42.2 11.9 333.7 295.1 307.9 255.1
Top 1 Tokyo 41.4 11.7 403.4 392.8 373.2 301.1
2 Kanagawa 42.1 12.0 369.2 345.1 320.1 255
3 Osaka 42.1 12.0 357.1 326.8 333.6 259.6
4 Aichi 41.3 12.4 354.0 317.4 319.1 251.1
5 Ibaragi 42.4 13.0 339.5 304.2 285.5 241.4
14 Shizuoka 42.5 12.5 321.1 294.8 293.4 234.1
low 42 Yamagata 42.8 12.5 268.8 231.5 244.7 206.3
43 Akita 44.0 12.8 262.4 217.1 246.4 205.7
44 Aomori 43.3 12.1 257.2 222.5 230.8 198.2
45 Iwate 43.3 11.6 256.8 221.3 229.4 206.8
46 Miyazaki 42.8 10.9 255.6 222.3 232.5 201.7
47 Okinawa 42.0 9.0 253.4 211.0 222.1 191.3

*the ministry of health, labor and welfare :wage structure 2016


Wage rebel according to age and academic back ground

(thousand yen)

Academic back ground total 20~24 30~34 40~44 50~54
Total 304.0 204.5 271.7 328.6 374.8

Graduate school

371.7 221.9 305.6 412.2 515.6
Technical college 276.0 200.9 250.6 296.3 326.3
High school 262.7 191.9 237.8 282.2 305.9
Junior high school 244.3 189.7 235.7 269.3 283.6

*The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare : wage structure research(2016)


Difference of salary according to age and type of employment

Academic back ground total 20~24 30~34 40~44 50~54
Total 2015 304.0 201.0 267.8 329.8 378.5
2016 304.0 204.5 271.7 328.6 374.8
Regular employee 2015 321.1 204.9 276.9 345.0 402.9
2016 321.7 208.0 281.1 344.6 400.9
Other 2015 205.1 173.4 200.6 201.7 202.1
2016 211.8 182.2 210.0 210.5 209.6

*The Ministry of Health , Labor and Welfare: Wage structure research(2016)

Q. Payment system of japan

A. The rule of Japanese payment system is below

Basic principle

  • The wage has to be paid to the employee “over one time in a month” “ at the decided day”  “by the currency” and “directly”
  • But if accepted by the employee, it is possible to pay to the bank account.

Security of minimum wage

  • Law of the security minimum wage, the minimum wage is prescribed for each prefecture.
  • Minimum wage of main prefecture in 2016 is below
  • Minimum wage is increasing because of the lack of labor shortage.

(yen, hourly wage)

Item Hokkaido Tokyo Kanagawa Shizuoka Aichi Osaka Fukuoka Avg.
Minimum wage 786 932 930 807 845 883 765 823
Rise +22 +25 +25 +24 +25 +25 +22 +25

*The ministry of health, labor and welfare

Wage system

  • Monthly salary: generally in Japan companies pay wage monthly. In addition to the monthly wage pay two times bonus in summer and winter.
  • Japanese wage
    a Salary is consist of basic wage, several kinds of allowance such as “housing, Family and transportation etc.
    b The weight of bonus is large in wage. (private company’s bonus in 2013 is  4.8 months of salary equivalent : Japan business federation)
  • The company is increasing to introduce annual salary system. Under the Japanese legal of labor, it is advantageous for employees.

Retirement allowance

  • Almost of Japanese company has retirement allowance system and the amount of allowance is depend on the salary, working year and the reason of retirement.
  • Those allowance is favor for employee at taxation.(ex. the subject of taxation is treated as 1/2)
  • The company’s reserve fund for retirement allowance is treated cost in taxation under required condition.


Q. Employment system in Japan (hiring employee)

A.  It is a main employment opportunity at new graduating period: April, but there are many irregular hiring times depend on generalization of job changing. And there are examples using temporary staff agency. In actually hiring it is better go to public labor agency and employment agency.

One stop center for foreign companies of Shizuoka prefecture introduce specialists experienced and human resources in Shizuoka.

Hiring new graduate

  • Japanese education agency adopt education period from April to next March for a year so generally the start of the employment is first April, and the examination for hiring is out on former Spring to Autumn.
  • In case hiring high school students apply job information to high schools through public employment agency. In case hiring university students apply job information to each university’s division charged in careers section directly, or in recently each university student will apply to the company directly.
  • If the company has relation with the university, they may contact the teacher.
    Generally flow of hiring is ①visit company, ②interview・ examination etc.

Hiring experienced person

  • In case of hiring experienced person it is possible to hire any time.
  • Generally it will be used job advertisement of newspaper and magazine and offering public employment agency. In recently the case of offering private employment agency is increasing.
  • There two types intermediation of employment
    <General introducing>
    Depend on the both offers the agencies making the match of company and person
    <Executive search>
    Depend on company’s need the agency recruit suitable person
  • The fee for hiring is depend on success (contingent fee), it will cost 20-30% of wages of employee planned.

Dispatched worker and part-time worker

  • There are cases using the private temporary agency.
  • Those cases the company contract private agency for hiring temporary worker and the agency will make contract with the worker each time. There many needs especially these works “OA machine operation” ”filing” “creating papers” “accounting”
  • If in the case of easy work it is used part time worker hiring through advertisement of newspaper etc. in the case of special work it is used temporary agency.
  • The laws of labor protection are adopted for temporary and part time workers.

Q. The situation of employment of Japan

A. There are any characteristics of Japanese employment system, “lifetime employment” and “pay system based on seniority”. Affected by advancing globalization and economy situation, these systems are diminishing, but there some old customs in presence.

Employment style

  • Those customs like lifetime employment and payment system based on seniority have been contributing to Japanese economic growth and stability.
  • The other hands there are many companies adopt systems like “part time worker” “Out sourcing” “Merit system” “Performance based payment system”
  • But Japanese length of employment is longer than any other countries in the world.


Country Shorter than

3 years

3≦ <5 5≦ <10 10≦
Japan 21.9 11.2 22.6 44.3
U.S.A. 33.0 16.5 21.5 29.0
Germany 28.9 9.1 17.8 42.2
France 23.9 7.7 19.8 48.6
Korea 54.5 11.3 14.5 19.7
Australia 45.4 15.1 18.3 21.2

*independent governmental labor policy research and training institution
Comparing international labor data book 2015

Productive age population(age 15~64)

  • It becomes big problem for the companies in Japan to secure sufficient labors for the lack of labor force effected by population decreasing, it is very important to prepare for establish business in Japan.

(Thousand, %)

Country 1990 2000 2010 2013
Japan  85,253(69.7)  85,731(68.2) 81,189 (63.8)  78,665(61.9)
U.S.A. 167,587(65.8) 188,645(66.3) 209,506(67.1) 212,806(66.5)
Germany  55,484(68.9)  56,836(68.1)  54,610(65.8)  54,411(65.8)
France  37,532(66.0)  38,514(65.0)  41,001(64.8)  41,092(63.9)
China 756,644(64.9) 864,730(67.5) 999,569(73.5) 1,012,761(66.2)
Korea  29,818(69.4)  32,967(71.7)  35,216(72.7)  35,933(72.9)
Australia  11,433(66.9)  12,878(66.9)  15,147(67.6)  15,546(66.6)

*Independent governmental labor policy research and training institution
Comparing international labor data book 2014

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  • 2018/09/07 2018/9/8-14 Shizuoka pref. Gov. send the delegation to Nebraska U.S.A.
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