One-Stop Center supports foreign-affiliated firms advancing to Shizuoka Prefecture to build plants or business bases.

Investment Guide

Q. Representative foreign companies invested in Japan

A. At 2016 there are approximately 3000, manufacturing company’s weight is about 20%(by Toyo Keizai Shinposha : survey to companies invested over 20% by foreign companies)

Situation of investment by foreign companies in Japan

  • The number of located companies: 3,158
  • Country ・region  : S.A 1,178, Germany 357, china 107 etc.
  • Kind of industry  :
Industry Europe North America Asia Total Weight
Manufacturing 300 291 81 696 22%
Other 973 931 426 2,462 78%
total 1,273 1,222 507 3,158 100%
Weight 40% 39% 16% 100%

*『survey foreign affiliated company 2016』

 Types of manufacturing case

  • manufacturers invested in Japan after 2015
type Company name nation industry capital


Weight of foreign

(limited company)



Primetals Technologies Japan Germany ELECTRICAPPRIENCES 4640 49.0
BASF Toda battery materials LLC Germany Non-ferrous metal   66.0
Maison Landemaine Japon France Food 2  
ARA Netwaorks Japan Korea Information system 1 100.0
Northrop Grumman Japan LLC u.s.a. Wholesaler   100.0
Cooori japan co., Ltd. iceland Dervice 8 100.0
Scality japan K.K. U.S.A. Information system   100.0
Nielsen-Intage Digital Metrics Inc. U.S.A. Service    
Baxalta Japan Ltd. U.S.A. Medicen    
Ppd-snbl K.K. U.S.A. Service 132  
Phase one Japan Denmark Precision machine 95  
Dearman Engine Company Ltd. U.K. Machine Wholesaler    
Twenty two DC U.S.A. Information system   100.0
NHN Play Art KOREA Information system 100 100.0
Cosmos energy Holdings Co., Ltd. U.A.E. Oil , coal 40000 20.7
TARGET SPORTS JAPAN U.K. Entertainment 0.5  
Name Badges International Ltd. HONG KONG Manufacture    

*『survey foreign affiliated company 2016』

  • 2017/09/22 26th Oct, 2017 Shizuoka Inevestment Seminar in Tokyoダウンロード
  • 2017/09/12 25th Nov. Recruit meeting (Global students and Companies) will be held. please check the information afterwards
  • 2017/07/11 6/8,7/14 foreign students and companies meeting
  • 2017/04/13 Shizuoka prefecture is ranked the top for six through years on output of medicine and medical equipment Shizuoka will promote accumulating those industry appealing distribution infrastructure like Tomei and Shin Tomei express way etc.
  • 2017/04/03 The survey “The Situation of New Establishment of Factory in Japan “ by METI 2016 shows the number of new establishment in Shizuoka pref. is the top of Japan. It is 74 cases in Shizuoka increased 19 cases compared to 2015. According to industry there are many cases of transportation machine, metal product and machine for manufacturing in western and central area.,

foreign-affiliated companies

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