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Q. Main industry in Shizuoka prefecture.

A. Main industry of Shizuoka manufacturing and the share and rank of Japan are in the list.

manufacturing industry’s rank of prefecture in Japan(the number of company is employing    more than 4 employee)

rank number(place) Employee Amount of Products shipment(billion)
Osaka 17,352 Aichi 791,315 Aichi 43,604
Aichi 16,694 Osaka 437,826 Kanagawa 17,626
Tokyo 12,102 Shizuoka 383,224 Osaka 16,325
Saitama 11,524 Saitama 375,994 Shizuoka 16,063
Shizuoka 9,728 Kanagawa 346,420 Hyogo 14,776

*The Ministry of Economy and Industry (2014)

 Shizuoka’s main industry higher ranked in Japan(amount of products shipment)

industry products amount(billion) rank share
Transportation machine Motor vehicle, motor bike 4,065 2 8.1%
Electrical appliances Air conditioner,


1,810 1 11.7%
Chemical products Plastic, cosmetic 1,398 8 5.2%
Drink, tobacco Mineral water, tea 1,151 1 12.3%
Foodstuff Fishery food, seasoning 1,099 7 4.6%
pulp・paper Paper 713 1 11.1%
Machine Machine for agriculture and construction etc. 669 7 4.3%
Medicine Medicine 483 4 7.3%
Medical equipment catheter 386 1 19.4%

*the ministry of economy and industry survey of manufacturing (2014)

 Targeted industry

  • Shizuoka prefectural government assists advancing newly growing industry and promote accumulating new industry by reinforcing the base industry, cultivating.
  • New industry accumulating cluster
    a Phalma valley project(medicine , medical)
    b Food science hills project(food)
    c Photon valley project(optics・electronics)
  • Growing industry
    next generation car, aircraft and space, medical・welfare equipment, robot,

Environment, optical technics

  • 2018/11/21 Shizuoka pref. gain top rank in manufacturing medical equipment and medicine for seven streight years
  • 2018/09/07 2018/9/8-14 Shizuoka pref. Gov. send the delegation to Nebraska U.S.A.
  • 2018/09/07 Shizuoka – the Best Channel to Japanダウンロード
  • 2018/09/07 Food Science Hills Storyダウンロード
  • 2018/09/07 AOI (Agri Open Innovation) Projectダウンロード

foreign-affiliated companies

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