One-Stop Center supports foreign-affiliated firms advancing to Shizuoka Prefecture to build plants or business bases.

Investment Guide

Q. Outline of Shizuoka prefecture

A. Shizuoka pref. is located in the central of Japan, abundantly blessed with nature in the foot of Mt. Fuji, mild climate, having highly advanced industry and infrastructure.

Land、population, individual income of Shizuoka pref.

ITEM shizuoka Ranking japan Remarks
LAND 7,779㎢ 13 377,972㎢ 2014
POPULATION 3,698thousand 10 125,431 2014
Register of foreign people 75,115 8 2,121,831 2014
income of individual 3,326thousand yen 3 3,065 thousand  yen 2013
GDP 15,485billion 10 500,870billion 2012


  • 2018/04/04 The number of factory attraction to Shizuoka Pref. is the top in Japan (2017servey by MITI) =Inland area is very attractive.
  • 2017/12/08 Exchange meeting at Shizuoka University of Art and Culture =Foreign students and Japanese students with companies
  • 2017/12/08 Japanese government is considering New resident status in Japan “Preparing for Foundation”
  • 2017/09/22 26th Oct, 2017 Shizuoka Inevestment Seminar in Tokyoダウンロード
  • 2017/09/12 25th Nov. Recruit meeting (Global students and Companies) will be held. please check the information afterwards

foreign-affiliated companies

One-Stop Center.

One-Stop Service Center | Shizuoka international Business Association.

Shizuoka International Business Association,
44-1 Ohtemachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka 420-0853 Japan.



* Under entrustment from the Shizuoka prefectural government, the Center is operated by the Shizuoka International Business Association (SIBA).

* The cost for the operation of the Center is born by the prefectural government. Anyone can use the Center free of charge.